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Lying dormant and buried in a time capsule of unheard cassettes for 22 years laid Jimmy - Holsum, a discarded mishmash of rudimentary drum machine beats, simple synth bass lines and answering machine messages from a hazy and sometimes violent past. Jimmy, the band, never materialized to finish and release Holsum, and the album was destined to remain etched in the long term memories of the select few who heard it at the time.

On this 2012 reinterpretation, Wigdoor has taken samples of Holsum's source material and using the same simple themes has created a modern day reintroduction to the whimsical and often twisted psyche of Jimmy and of those that left the cryptic messages.


released October 31, 2012


Produced by Evan Wigdoor

Written by Churchy and Wigdoor, BMI, except
When I Come, I'm Comin' and Freak Seen (Churchy, BMI)
Demetrius (Mr. Whateva, Wigdoor, BMI)

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Starlight Blanket Studio, Sacramento, CA, September, 2012.
Original Jimmy - Holsum recordings made in New York City, 1990-1991.



all rights reserved


Wigdoor Sacramento, California

"Experimental electronica answering machine collage and past present future found sounds excursions."

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Track Name: Tricks
Let me tell u somethin' yo
You been to Alcatraz
You call me a muthafuckin' punk homeboy
i, i, i'll come to Telephone and beat your little red-headed ass
You fuckin' trick-givin muthafucka

Ay, yo, I'm just bein' cool
Cause I'll tell ya, If I see you in the street
I'm gonna bang your fuckin' head in, alright

Pick up the phone
You won't even fuckin' come to the telephone
Ay yo, you play that way man
But I know you was at Telephone Saturday night
So if you wanna play that way, I'll play that way too
Alright but I'll play it the sneaky way
And I'll remember
You know what happen, alright
That's the way you want it fucked up
Fuck it
Like that

I wanna leave a message
First of all, come here
With officer Constance Jones and my lawyer, alright?
Now, if you wanna play fuckin games
You can play games with me all you want to, alright?
Don't take me for granted
Because you don't know me, , ah aight?

Number one. Whatever we had, we had.
One time you saw me out there
you tell me I had this shit and call it tricks
Or whatever the fuck you call them, ah aight?
It better be off my body by the time I go to Florida
But if its not, then I'm gonna take it into my own hands
Now you can take it,
And you can take it to your lawyer, you can take it to your D.A.
Take it to anybody you want
You can do whatever the fuck you want, alright?
But, I'll tell you one thing
I know you was in Telephone Saturday night
I know you was hangin' out there, ah aight?
You can do whatever the fuck you want
I'll tell you
Don't think I'm a fuckin'joke
Because I'm not the one
Ah aight?
Track Name: Checkin' Out Yer Trip
Hey, This is Todd....
Mike, Ah,
I was just, ah
Checkin' out yer trip
Track Name: When I Come, I'm Comin'
Where the fuck are you at alright?
Ya know?
Where the fuck are you at on a fukin' Monday night
At 3 o'clock in the morning?

You're s'posed to be the fuck home, word up
S'posed to be the fuck home
It's fukin' 10 to 4, alright?
If I see you with any fuckin' white boy, anybody like that
I swear to god
I don't give a fuck, alright
I don't give a fuck

Well I'll tell you one thing man
I'm comin' ahead
If I have to shoot the fuckin' door down
I dont' give a fuck
I don't care how many warrants you put on me
I don't care, alright
When I come, I'm comin' alright
Track Name: Demetrius
You know you are crazy
Fat and ugly, Demetrius
Be home mutha
Better not be home, never
I never see you
Cause if I see you
I'm gonna kick you out of the house
And, remember
I am always around the house
Feel Feel
Don't you come around my face
I'll get crazy
You can't get no way
This is Da Da
Track Name: Where The Fuk Are You At On A Monday Night?
Its a quarter to 3
I love you lot
I really love you man
I wanna be with you man
I love you
I don't know what I'd do without you

Let me tell you somethin
Its 3 o'clock in the fukin' morning, ah aight
I love you man
I'm not with another girl
Why, I love you?
Listen to me
You know, where the fuk are you at, you know?
Where the fuk are you at on a fukin' Monday night
At 3 o'clock in the morning?

If you wanna be a fukin' ho or whatever
You be it, ah aight
But, I'll tell you one thing man
I'm comin ahead
If I have to shoot the fukin' door down
I don't give a fuk
I don't care how many warrants you put on me
I don't care, ah aight?
When I come I'm comin'

This is fuk'ed up
I love you so much
I don't sleep with no one
I don't do anything
I love you twice as much
Even though I do some
Really fuk'd up shit

Its fukin' 3 o'clock in the mornin' man, ah aight
I wanna fukin' see you
Its Monday night
I wanna see you, ah aight?
I wanna fukin' see you
If I don't see you before tonight, any time ah aight?
I'm gonna fukin' go crazy, ah aight?
If I don't speak to you before tonight is over, ah aight
And I mean tonight
I don't give fuk
I don't give a shit
I don't give a fuk
Gonna fukin' go crazy
I don't give a fuk about anybody
Dont' fuk nobody
Because I love you
I love you
Track Name: Poppers
This is your mom
This is your dad
Bye Bye
Thank you
Track Name: Hey Whip
Hey Marvin
When you get up
Can you call me
'Cause I want to get to Jersey early
If possible
I'm home